HCUA Staff


John L. Wilson, P.E. - Executive Director

Cindy Breaux, CPA - Chief Financial Officer

Bart Clover - IT /SCADA/GIS/FEMA Manager

David Perkins - Operations & Maintenance Manager

Alan Lane - Solid Waste Manager

Rusty Hulett - Solid Waste Technician

Sam Broom, P.E. - Engineering Project Manager

Ralph Marsh - Water Coordinator

Rick Bahm - Utility Technician II / Locates

Keith Peebles - Utility Technician I

Joe Sanders - Utility Technician I / Locates

Gerald Cook - Wastewater Maintenance Coordinator

Marie Ostrander - Office Manager

Melissa Vaughn - Accounting Assistant II

Bridgett Payton-Boone - Administrative Assistant




Equal Employment Opportunity:

The Harrison County Utility Authority policy on Equal Employment Opportunity shall be consistent with the President's Executive Order No. 11246 and any amendments or supplements to that Executive Order.  Employees and applicants for employment shall not be discriminated against on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, color, national origin, religion, or non-disqualifying physical or mental handicap, in its programs or activities, including continuing education programs.  Executive Order 11246, as amended, protects applicants and employees from discrimination based on inquiring about, disclosing, or discussing their compensation or the compensation of other applicants or employees.  All Authority federal funding assistance programs and construction projects shall require Equal Employment Opportunity compliance with the President's Executive Order No. 11246, including any amendments or supplements to the Executive Order 11246.  Any unions, or professional organizations with any agreements with HCUA shall be notified that that HCUA does not discriminate on the basis of sex in the educational programs or activities that it operates, including any programs or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.  HCUA does not discriminate in programs or activities receiving EPA assistance or, in programs or activities covered by Section 13, on the basis of sex.

Harrison County Utility Authority's policy on Equal Employment Opportunity shall be posted in a conspicuous place, for employee review, long with other required postings;  HCUA Policy 11-32-Equal Employment Opportunity notice, HCUA Policy 11-33-Worklace Harassment and HCUA Policy 11-34-Grievance Policy and Procedures.  A copy of HCUA policy regarding Discrimination and Grievance Procedures may be requested via email address, fax request to 228-868-8751, call 228-868-8752 and ask for Sheila Marsh, HR Administrator, or mail request to HR / Documents Request to 10271 Express Drive, Gpt., MS  39503.  All employees will receive continuing notice of HCUA, EEOC practices via employer assigned email addresses.  

Job Postings: 




How to Apply:

All applications should be made through . Please click here to apply and see additional information. 

Harrison County Utility Authority
Attn: Human Resources
10271 Express Drive
Gulfport, MS 39503



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