Recycling Program


What CAN & CANNOT Go In Your Recycling Cart


CAN: Aluminum cans, plastic products (rated #1 to #3 – bottles, jugs, etc.), clean pizza boxes, garden plastics, flattened cardboard boxes, empty containers, glass and paper products such as newspapers, magazines, phone books, etc.


CANNOT: Plastic bags, foam or Styrofoam containers, wire hangers, windows, mirrors, ceramic or Pyrex dishes, organic or food waste, electronics, paint, pesticides, cleaners, waxed cardboard, needles or syringes, scrap metal or hazardous waste.

Cart Lid: You can also reference the graphic on top of your recycling cart at any time on what can and cannot be recycled. If your graphic on your lid has been damaged, reference the graphic below or print out the graphic below to replace it. 

Recycling Cart Lid Label

 How to Recycle:


*         Rinse all aluminum, glass and plastic recyclables before placing them in your cart.

*         It is not necessary to remove labels from metal, glass, plastic jugs, cans and/or jars.

*         Recyclables should be put loosely in your HCUA provided cart. Do not bag them.


Other Waste Reduction Tips:

*         Look for products utilizing least wasteful packaging or recycled materials;

*         Avoid using disposable versions of razors, pens, lighters, batteries, and diapers whenever possible;

*         Buy concentrates, “family sizes,” buik items and returnable containers to reduce packaging waste;

*         Buy products made from recycled products and products made from glass, metal and aluminum, as these products can be readily recycled.


Have a question about our recycling program and community outreach efforts, please call (228) 868-8752.



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